the Aragonese Castle

The Castle, not surprisingly, is the symbol of Ischia. The place best known by tourists, with which the island of Ischia is identified. The castle is located on an islet and stands out overlooking the sea. As soon as we arrive in the square of the ancient fishing village of Ischia Ponte, we can admire its majesty. To fully admire this ancient royal residence, you must visit it inside.
Breathtaking views and unique corners await you. Theater of numerous events, such as the wonderful Festa di Sant'Anna, held in July, in the wonderful scenery of the bay in front of the Aragonese Castle.

Open every day from 9.00 to 19.00
Admission: 12.00 euros per person, children up to 9 years do not pay, for children from 10 to 18 years 6.00 euros


A beautiful botanical park located in Forio, precisely in Zaro near the beach of San Francesco. La Mortella is one of the most important botanical parks in Europe for the types and number of plants kept inside. Designed by Susana Walton wife of the English musician Sir William Walton, it is spread over an area of about 2 hectares and gathers more than 3000 species of exotic and rare plants. It is also enriched by streams and ponds, fountains, swimming pools, waterways that allow the cultivation of aquatic plants such as papyrus, lotus flower and tropical water lilies, while from the terraces outlined on the Mediterranean dry walls it is possible to enjoy one of the most suggestive views of the bay of Forio. The garden is particularly suitable for children and teenagers. In fact, there are numerous educational paths to follow with the guide inside.


The highest peak of the island is there that climbs between the terraces of the land of "Mar 'e copp". With its 791 meters it is easy to guess that from up there you have a complete overview of the whole of Ischia. Getting there is not something for everyone, since the last stretch is very steep and not wide, but it is worth visiting not only for the splendid view, but also to visit the ancient Hermitage of San Nicola, inhabited in ancient times by the friars. In ancient times the summit of Epomeo was also reached thanks to the help of mules, a service previously dismissed, today revisited with ardor and courage, replacing donkeys with agile horses by the Epomeo in Sella Association.


Small and beautiful seaside village in the municipality of Serrara Fontana. Distinguished by alleys and maritime houses in pastel colors. The square is the summer meeting place for the many tourists present on the island. For many more beautiful than that of Capri.

The Fumaroles

Among the emanations of an eruptive nature we note the fumaroles, that is jets of water vapor often mixed with other gaseous substances, which come out from the cracks in the soil near active or recently extinguished volcanoes. On the island of Ischia, fumaroles are very numerous. Their temperature varies between 30 ° and 100 ° C. For some, it remains constant, while for others it is variable. Among the many areas where there are these phenomena, we want to tell you about the Fumarole Beach, which is located not far from Sant’Angelo and can be reached on foot, using the shuttles from the square or the taxi boat from the port of S.Angelo. Once on the beach, the steam that is released from the sand is quite evident and in this regard, we recommend the utmost caution!

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