Health & Safety

Our Company priority is that our guests feel safe, and for this reason, we have decided to put in place measures of safety and prevention that will be valid for all Captain Ago staff:

• Work environments sanitized every 24 hours
• The boats will be sanitized every 24 hours
• Minibuses will be sanitized every 24 hours
• We will provide disinfectant wipes to our customers
• Hand sanitizing dispensers will be on boats

For all the Skippers:
• Stay at home in the presence of fever (over 37.5) or other flu symptoms and inform your family doctor and health authority.
• Check your body temperature daily.
• Observe all health and hygiene regulations, including washing your hands often.
• Use a mask and gloves, if the work requires an interpersonal distance of less than one meter and other organizational solutions are not possible.

Kostenfreie Stornierung

Volle Rückerstattung für Stornierungen, die bis zu 36 Stunden im Voraus eingehen.

Mehr Info

Tägliche private Veranstaltungen mit einem oder mehreren Booten

Ein Abenteuer voller natürlicher Schönheit.
Alle unten aufgeführten privaten Ausflüge sind ganztägig verfügbar, je nach Wunsch und Zeit.

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