About us

About us

The sea as the clouds inconstant in shape, colors and attitude that changes with the mood of the time, express itself through the sounds it makes, in the way it hits the shore and how it shatters on the rocks, a language that is know over time and if you pay attention, it offers you moments that marks your existence indelibly impressed in your memory.  

Its with this passion, experience and conciuness of the sea , that from 2006 , tour after tour , Capitanoago's team contribute to the creation of a relationship between man and the beauties that our sea has to offer. With a fleet of 6 gozzo in Sorrento style models we take our guests adults and children through the limestone cliffs of the island of Capri, Sorrento and the Amalfi coast.

Why Choose Us

1) Positive And Trustworthy Capitan
It'll take only few seconds to understand that your Capitan is a sympatic, young and expert boat licensed driver.
With their friendly nature, they will immediately make you feel welcome and predispose for a great day.
With over a thousands miles experience and a great knowledge of Sorrento, Capri and Amalfi Coast, you can be completely confident that your day will be unique and impossible to forget.

2) Comfortable And Relaxing
The manufacture of our traditional Capri wood boats, makes the size correspond to the number of guest legally permitted by the Italian nautical law.
An average space of two square meter and half  per passenger to insure comfort and relax, while we cruise along the coast.

3) Price Convenience "example on the most popular excursion Tour of Capri"
Believe it or not, our service will costs you less then what you will pay using the public transportation.
We made some accounting after spending a day in Capri using the old, crowded, impersonal hydrofoil boat lines.

Price per person Public transportations VS Capitanoago

  • Roundtrip transfer by public bus to Sorrento harbour: 4.00 €
  • Roundtrip transfer by hydrofoil from Sorrento to Capri: 38.00 €
  • Tour of Capri island in economy tourist boat: 19.00 €
  • Entrance in the blue grotto (at your choice - optional): 14.00 €
  • Sandwich in grocery shop in Capri with a drink and a fruit: 13.00 €
  • Total cost for One Day in Capri without capitanoago:  88.00 €

Well when you will read our Capri tour description and check our price list, you will immediately understand the convenience of doing your excursion to Capri with capitanoago.

4) Friendly Environments
Capitanoago tour is an unique way to discover the island of Capri because you will get the chance to meet new friends from all over the world.
On our comfortable and relaxing boat you will have as much privacy as you like or if you prefer you can socialize with the Capitan and other guests.

5) Scenery
We bet there will be no more space in your camera for ther pics at the end of the tour! Our cruise will go on a pleasant speed, bordering the authorized coastline limit distance. A speed that permits to admire at 360° Sorrento peninsular.
The first impression is a sculptured volcanic coastline falling sheer on the sea, with over intensive growth of lemons and Mediterranean centuries pine trees.
A view that ends at the beginning of the old Marina Grande from where starts Capo di Sorrento, a limestone promontory that closes on the West of Sorrento's bay.

6) Great Food
We take very seriously the quality of the food we bring on board.
Usually we serve a morning backed bread roll with basil leaves, summer tomatoes slices and fresh mozzarella cheese, perfumed with fresh oregano and celery.
Fruit salad or seasonal fruit, cool peroni bear, wines, soda and of course cold water and white wine.

7) Children Welcome
Children are permitted to travel alone only after their 12th birthday. Before they must always be accompanied by an adult or young person aged at least 16.
For children aged between 2 an 5, we offer a special lifejacket. Infants under two years old are free of charge and travel on the lap of the parents. Children aged 2 years and older who pay the full price have their own seat.

8) Facilities On Board
Our boats have covered indoor and outdoor area, deck solarium sheltered with white pillows, toilets, back platform and stairs to facilitate the access in the water, snorkelling equipment.

9) Flexible And Open To Different Choice
Our staff is flexible and dynamic to meet your needs, expectations and budgets.

Capitanoago offers a wide range of excursions by boat. We provide daily Capri tour, individual or in group.

Free Cancellation

Full refund for cancellations received up to 36 hours in advance.

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Daily private events with one or more boats at your disposal

An adventure full of knowledge.
All the Private Excursions listed below are available full day, with regard to your wish and time.

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